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Teaching Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now


Teaching positions in France with visa sponsorship for foreign nationals (Apply for the most recent, lucrative teaching positions in France):

Teaching positions can be exceedingly rewarding when pursued with the intention of securing well-compensated positions.

We are present today to offer you a comprehensive overview of the process of pursuing a vocation in
education in France. The following section will address the topic of visa sponsorship employment, the availability of these opportunities for foreign workers, the duties and responsibilities involved, the prerequisites for applying, the current open vacancies, and the procedure for applying for teaching jobs in France without any significant difficulty. Please be patient as we recount our experiences.

What are Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

Visa sponsorship positions provide employment opportunities for international professionals who wish to operate in foreign countries. Businesses are essential in facilitating the visa applications of foreign laborers, thereby guaranteeing their legal right to work in a particular country. This aspect is especially important to take into account when individuals from other countries are pursuing employment in locations that require official authorization.

Employers are accountable for procuring the necessary work visas or permits for their employees in visa sponsorship positions. This collaborative endeavor not only mitigates the associated expenses but also guarantees compliance with legal mandates, thereby streamlining the sponsorship process. Join us as we investigate the complexities of visa sponsorship employment and the global landscape of career opportunities.

Are there Visa-Sponsored Teaching Jobs in France for Foreigners?

When considering employment in France, you may inquire about whether there are positions available that can assist you in obtaining a visa. However, there is good news: employment opportunities exist. Employers in France frequently provide employment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, finance, and education, and are willing to sponsor your visa.

To secure employment in France, you must understand the operation of these positions and the process of obtaining a visa. After we have reviewed the definition of visa sponsorship jobs and the locations in France where they are available, we will proceed to the comprehensive job description for teaching employment in France.

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Description of France Teaching Jobs:

Teaching positions in France offer intriguing opportunities for those who are enthusiastic about fostering the development of young minds and making a meaningful contribution to the field of education. France’s education system is diverse, offering a wide range of professions in primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education institutions, regardless of whether one is an experienced educator or just beginning.

Roles in Teaching

The spectrum of teaching positions encompasses primary school educators who instruct a variety of courses, as well as secondary school instructors who specialize in specific subjects, including mathematics, physics, and languages. Additionally, there are opportunities in higher education for individuals who wish to engage in scholarly research or lecture.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In your specific subject areas, instruct students by the national curriculum regulations.
  • Developing, organizing, and instructing courses.
  • Motivates students to participate in school-related activities and classroom instruction.
  • Supported the leadership team in the execution of the school’s development plan.
  • Evaluating and issuing reports regarding student conduct
  • Scholastic and social supervision, as well as referrals to expert assistance, are provided to students as necessary.
  • Utilizing innovative instructional methods and upholding rigorous standards.
  • Engaging in opportunities for professional development and personal learning (CPD).
  • Ensuring the school’s efficient administration and management by actively participating in staff meetings.
  • Collaborating with parents, guardians, support workers, and other professionals to safeguard and guarantee the educational success of students with special needs (SEN).

Employment Requirements:

  • Requirements: Bachelor of Education (BED) or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).
  • In order to instruct students in state-operated educational institutions in England, it is necessary to possess Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
  • Subject Knowledge: A comprehensive understanding of the subject(s) being taught.
  • Background investigations: The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) conducts criminal conviction investigations.
  • Health Check: Certain occupations may necessitate participating in a fitness assessment.
  • While teaching experience is advantageous, it is not mandatory.
  • References will probably be requested from previous employers or educational institutions.
  • National Curriculum: Comprehending the National Curriculum in the relevant province of France.
  • Communication Skills: Proficient in communicating with pupils, parents, and colleagues.
  • Flexibility: The capacity to modify instructional strategies to accommodate the requirements of various students.
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Teaching Jobs Salary Scale in France for Foreign Workers

Public schools establish a uniform compensation structure that is contingent upon the level of experience and the position (e.g., primary, secondary). Typically, the starting salary is between €25,000 and €56,000 per year, with an increase in line with experience and level.

Private schools may offer more favorable compensation than public schools, particularly for teachers with in-demand skills or those with extensive experience. Salaries may vary from €30,000 to €70,000 annually.

Typically, international institutions offer the highest salaries and frequently recruit foreign teachers. The annual salary may exceed €70,000, contingent upon qualifications and experience.

Available Teaching Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Primary School Teachers: Develop the foundational skills of young students in fundamental disciplines, including reading, writing, and math, from the ages of 5 to 11.
  • Secondary school teachers: Specialize in a single subject (e.g., physics, history, or English) and assist students between the ages of 11 and 16 in completing their GCSEs.
  • Early Years Teachers: Encourage the growth of children aged three to five in nursery schools or preschools, with a focus on the development of social skills and play-based learning.
  • Teachers of Special Educational Needs (SEN): Provide support to students with a diverse array of learning requirements in both conventional and specialized environments.
  • Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL): Foster a passion for languages such as French, Spanish, and German in primary and secondary institutions.
  • Music teachers: Teach instrumental or vocal skills to students of all ages and abilities in order to disseminate the pleasure of music.
  • PE teachers: By instructing primary and secondary school students in sports, fitness, and diversions, it is possible to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Science Lab Technicians: Assure a safe and engaging learning environment while assisting science instructors in the preparation of experiments and demonstrations.
  • Supply teachers: Provide flexibility and exposure to a diverse array of teaching environments by covering short-term absences in numerous institutions.
  • Online Teachers: Offer virtual classes to pupils from a remote location, which is ideal for those who desire a flexible and frequent international reach.
  • Independent School Teachers: Teach in private institutions, which often have smaller class sizes and more specialized resources.
  • Further Education College Lecturers: Guide pupils aged 16 and older through vocational courses or A-levels by sharing their knowledge.
  • University lecturers: Conduct research and teach at the university level, thereby contributing to the future of their field through higher education.
  • Adult Education Teachers: Provide educational opportunities that are tailored to the preferences and requirements of individuals who are seeking to retrain or enhance their skills.
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You may be pondering how to apply if you are interested in the positions listed above. Check out the guide below for a straightforward explanation of the process for applying for a  teaching position in France.

How to Apply for Teaching Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship?

It is effortless to commence with an employment board such as www.indeed.com. Go to the platform and search for teaching positions. Then, filter the results by geography to view hundreds of positions that you can apply for.

However, there are alternative options for securing high-paying employment in France. For a comprehensive guide on how to acquire high-paying opportunities in France as a foreigner pursuing career growth in Europe, please refer to the information below. Apply Here

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