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Cost Of Living In Cyprus: What You Need To Know

Recently, Cyprus has witnessed a spike in the number of immigrants. This is largely due to beautiful and interesting part of the country that has become a side attraction to many. Many describe Cyprus as a sunny gem immersed in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is country blessed and rich in beaches. Visiting Cyprus, you have the opportunity to see one the 160 approved beaches in the country. There is more that meets the eye not just about the beaches but also, Cyprus has its cosmopolitan side some of which are located in major cities across the country. In this cosmopolitan areas, opportunities are bound from good job, standard and quality education, world class healthcare system and also, a beautiful and peaceful lifestyle.


That being said, Cyprus can be all that interesting, beautiful beaches and all but as an individual thinking of moving to Cyprus, it is important to make in-depth enquiry about the cost of living. Cost of living is different across every country in the world. Apart from that, there is always a slight or significant difference in the cost of living in a country even across her states or provinces. As an individual, if Cyprus is your choicest destination, then it is important to know the cost of living- this is what we are going to explicitly demystified in this article. This is valid for those who are looking to move to Cyprus either o a permanent or temporary basis – for work, education, business or pleasure. This article will guide you as regards the cost of living ranging from food, housing, education, transportation and healthcare system.

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NOTE: Euro is the official and recognized currency

Enough of the talk! Now let’s delve into the topic of the day properly.


When moving into any country, rent or better put, housing is one of the challenging ordeal to crossover and Cyprus is not an exception either. In Cyprus, what are the average prices of getting an apartment, from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment- the answer to this question would be answered in the subsequent paragraphs. is always one of the biggest living expenses, wherever in the world you live. But what are Cyprus prices like for housing, and how large a place can you get for your money?

Let’s compare prices of rent in major cities of Cyprus first before the general prices. In Cyprus, the average monthly rent varies. The prices for large apartment is quite different to that of small apartment. The major cities we will be touching are Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia

Cost of Housing in Limassol

In Limassol, the average cost of getting an apartment ranges from around 730 Euro to 1047 Euros.

NOTE: This is the average monthly cost


Cost of Housing in Larnaca

In Larnaca, the average cost of getting an apartment ranges from around 400 Euros to 700 Euros.

NOTE: This is the average monthly cost


  • Cost of Housing in Nicosia

In Nicosia, the average cost of getting an apartment ranges from around 410 Euros to 690 Euros.

NOTE: This is the average monthly cost




In Cyprus, they operate a co-payment General Healthcare System. This simply means that both patient which is you as well as the government contributes towards the cost of your healthcare. Whatever the cost incurred during the healthcare service delivery, both you and the government bear the cost.

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Invariably, this in turn means there is no such thing as free healthcare in Cyprus. Cyprus do not operate a completely free healthcare system. Although, healthcare is not free in Cyprus, the cost is extremely low. In fact, it is bearable. For instance, you are expected to pay between 5 Euros and 22 Euros for a scheduled consultation with a specialist. Also, you are allowed to pay a bearable fee to visit the Accident and Emergency ward. These fee ranges between 9 to 11 Euros.

In Cyprus, emergency healthcare is only accessible to temporary residents as well as holders of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). For permanent residents who live in Cyprus and are employed, you have to register with Cyprus Social Insurance Service. This is the only requirement needed before emergency healthcare can be made available to you



If you are looking to move to Cyprus, then it may interest you to know that you might have to add buying a car to your traveling cost and budget. This is because according to statistics, about 73% drive themselves to work, school or meetings. This implies that the major mode of transportation in Cyprus is by car. This is largely so because in Cyprus, there are not working railway. Consequently, public transport is sufficiently available and readily accessible to all. Using public transport if it is ever available along your route, getting a pass is necessary. In Cyprus, an average monthly transport pass cost around 37 Euros.

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Cyprus is blessed with quite a number of standard University with global recognition. Some of the globally recognized universities in Cyprus is University of Nicosia which is the largest in the whole of Cyprus.

Also, Cyprus boast of three other higher institutions which are government owned. Some of these public higher institutions include University of Cyprus which is also situated in Nicosia. Also, there is a British owned university in Cyprus named University of Central Lancashire which is situated in Larnaca.

With the above, we can confidently confirm that Cyprus is blessed with great institution of learning but at what cost?

Tuition fees in Cyprus is significantly dependent on the referred institution. Course of study is also a significantly determinant of tuition fees. For context sake, tuition fees for foreign students who are going in for undergraduate courses ranges between 7700 Euros to 8270 Euros for high rated universities. Similarly, for mid-range universities, cost could be as high as 3,174 Euros.

Conclusively, considering the above parameters, the cost of living in Cyprus is pretty reasonable. At the complete digest of this manual, you must have been equipped with firsthand information as regards the cost of living in Cyprus. This should in turn help better your decision making as far as Cyprus is concerned.

Good luck on your Cyprus journey.

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