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Cheapest Universities In The UK – All You Need To Know

Foreign education is no new practice in this present age, Students travel far and wide, across borders, land and air to get quality Education. This article aims at helping prospective UK students in navigating the troubles and hardships that come with selecting UK universities with low tuition fees.

Studying in the UK requires diligent financial planning. In recent times, it has been apparent that UK universities are quite expensive and this is the rationale why most students have resorted to searching for scholarships. If you’re included in this bracket, this is the right article for you.

As it’s widely known, the UK is one of the most sought after study destinations for students aiming to pursue their undergraduates or postgraduates programs alongside Canada, the USA, Australia e.t.c. so before delving into addressing UK universities with low tuition fees, let’s spare some time to particularly answer the questions.

The major question that surrounds why students are competing so hard to gain entry into UK schools as that could increase your conviction while easing your mind that you’re making the right choice. the reasons are not far-fetched anyway, to mention among few, below are some of the reasons for such rush and competition for UK universities.


Varieties of Program.

From Undergraduates to postgraduates’ studies, UK presents a vast range of programs/courses available for students to choose from. The scope of programs includes law, engineering, arts, science and medicine. E.t.c with the UK, you have the luxury of exploring multi-disciplinary course and program options.


As earlier stated, UK is a study destination for most students. International students from Asia, Africa and European countries have their undergraduates and postgraduates’ studies in the United Kingdom. There’s a high concentration of foreign and international students studying in the UK. Every year Uk admit not less than 200,000 international students. This is an opportunity to mix and mingle with mates of different cultures, beliefs, religions and interestingly, skin color.

The high value of Education.

The UK is well acknowledged across the globe as a destination with prestigious universities, a rich standard of education and lectures with vast knowledge and experience in their disciplines. The UK has a good representation of schools in the university world ranking. A total number of 5 UK universities are in the top 20 universities in the world. With a degree from the UK on your CV, you will definitely impress your future employees and widen your horizon.


Uk is known to be the home to many tourist attractions which hold cultural, natural, and historical value that students can visit during holidays. Such include the empire state building, the Tower of London, an amusement park, beach e.t.c

Cozy and friendly environment.

Settling in a new environment is by no means an easy task. Depending on the type of reception one receives, this could have an emotional effect on someone and consequentially affect one’s studies. This is not a cause to be worried about as UK people are generally receptive and friendly, especially to foreigners and international students.

Job opportunities.

Job opportunities are numerous in the UK. Both skilled and unskilled. Students have the luxury to engage in part-time work for 20 hours every week during the semester and full-time work during holidays.

This can provide you with enough stipends to sort out some of your bills. Upon graduation, you have reputable organizations and industries with juicy offers crawling at your feet to secure your employment.

Short courses/programs.

The UK has varieties of short courses and programs that span between 2 years for undergraduates. programs and 1 year for postgraduates. These programs Are quicker and cost-effective and these could be a full time or part-time programs

Post-study work.

Upon completion of the course/program, International students can apply for a post-work-study visa which allows them to stay and search for work for at least 2 years. Interestingly, students need not have a job offer to apply for this visa. This type of opportunity is not common for foreign and international students in other countries, hence why the UK stands tall among other study destinations.

Now that you’ve been convinced that the UK is the right study destination for you, below are some cheap and affordable UK universities, you should be seeking to gain admission.

1. The University of Cumbria.

The University of Cumbria is a public university and one of the British recent institutions. It is founded in the year 2007 and has its headquarters in Carlisle England with other campuses at Ambleside and Lancaster, All situated in the northwest of England.

The TimesUniversityy Guide 2021 ranked the University of Cumbria as the 114th best university. The institution is famously known for programs in law, teacher training, and psychology. Other courses offered include business management, accounting, biomedical science, and health, and social care. E.t.c . international Tuition fees range from £13500-£15000. Contact and make admission inquiries at

2. London Metropolitan University.

Situated at Holloway Rd, London. London Metropolitan University is a public university in London with other 2 branches. the institution was referred to as London guide hall university. The university boasts a gallant and multicultural diversity.

The institution offered both full-time and part-time programs and it’s mostly known for business, art, design, and media. Other available courses within the six schools include law, human science, computing, architecture e.t.c. the university comprises a help and specialist as well as a counseling center that provides help and support for students. International Tuition fees range from £13500-£14700.

The institution’s website can be assessed through

3. The University of Stirling.

This is a public higher institution situated in Scotland and was established in 1967. As a result of numerous development, this institution has hence risen to one of the most fascinating campuses in the UK. In 2019, the institution was awarded the UK’s highest academic honor, the Queen’s anniversary prize.

There is a range of courses for undergraduates and postgraduates to choose from including natural, health and social science. The institution’s portal can be accessed through: .Tuition fees range from £12100-£14500 annually depending on the course of study.

4. the University of Westminster.

Founded in 1883, one of the cheapest public universities located in London, England. Previously referred to as Royal polytechnic, before attaining the university status in 1992.

Times higher university ranking 2017 ranked the University in topmost 15 international universities in the world. There’s an online information session where prospective students can get information about their dream course without attending the event on-site. Tuition fee ranges as low as £9500 for undergraduates and £13000 for postgraduate studies.

Contact their support at

5. Staffordshire University

This is one of the cheapest universities to study in the UK. It is a public research institution founded in 1971 and gained university status in 1992.

The main campus is in Stoke-on-Trent with 3 others located in Litchfield, Stafford and Shrewsbury. This university is particularly noted for its world-class department of science. Other Programs available include engineering, medicine, and arts. The tuition fee is as low as £11500 depending on the course of study.

6. Teeside University


A “dynamic, innovative and energetic” institution located in Middleborough, England. It is founded in the year 1930 and has over 80 years of excellence in teaching. its boost of over 15000 and provides scholarships worth £1500 every year.

Recently, the university has invested £275m intending to enhance digital innovation, forensic facilities and health, and sports science. The tuition fee is as low as £10950. Contact support at to start your admission inquiries.

7. the University of Chester.

An affordable institution was founded in 1839. It is a public university located in Chester England. Historically, it is the first teacher training college in the UK which explains its motto is Qui docet in doctrine (“He that teacheth, on teaching”, Latin). Other university campuses are situated in Warrington or Shrewsbury.

Available undergraduates and postgraduates include medicine, engineering, science e.t.c. The University boosts the most graduate employability in Northwest London with Tuition fees as low as £9,250

More information about the institution can be gotten from
Other notable mentions include, University College Birmingham, York st john university, Coventry University, University of Bolton, and Lead’s Trinity university.

Conclusively, it is quite imperative to iterate that the UK being tag expensive is not only limited to tuition fees other factors such as living costs, transportation, health care e.t.c are also inclusive. It’s duly advised that prospective applicants do financial scrutiny to see which aligns with their budgets. We wish you success in your academic pursuit.

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