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17 Creation Stories From Around The World


Have you ever wondered what kind of creation stories are in the world? There are quite a few. Since the early days of civilization, humanity has pondered the origins of the universe. Fortunately for us, through oral tradition and writing, we can learn about these creation myths. Often, these myths are vastly different, from a universe birthed from chaos to a universe that wasn’t created at all. On the other hand, many of these stories have surprising similarities even when they’re separated geographically from Asia to North America. Ready to hear a few origin stories? Here are 25 Creation Stories From Around The World.

1. Australian Aborigine Creation Story

The indigenous people of Australia told a story of how when everything on Earth was asleep, the Father of All Spirits was the only one awake and woke the Sun Mother. He commanded her to go down and give the spirits of the Earth forms. She woke the plants, insects, caves, and everything on the Earth until it was finished. The Father of All Spirits was pleased with the Sun Mother’s work. Later, the Sun Mother gave birth to two children, the Morning Star, and the moon. Those two gave birth to the children that later became humanity’s ancestors.

2. Mayan Creation Story

In Mayan culture, Tepeu the maker and Gucumatz the feathered spirit created the world with their thoughts. They created beings to look after their creation. First, they made animals of the sky and land but needed a being that could properly communicate, so they made man. They made him out of clay, but he crumbled apart. Then, they tried making him out of wood but he was empty-headed and hearted. Finally, they made men out of corn, and these men were empathetic and intelligent.

3. Ainu Creation Story

In this creation story from the Ainu people, the world was created when oil from the ocean rose up as a flame to the sky. What was left was land, and the vapor created two gods descending on five-colored clouds. Out of these two gods and their colorful clouds, the Earth, including the plants and animals, and other gods were formed.

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4. Rangi and Papa

This Polynesian creation myth says the world emerged from a shell. When the shell slowly opened, light came inside. The top of the shell became Rangi, or sky, and the bottom Papa, earth. Rangi and Papa loved each other and gave birth to 70 powerful gods that helped in creating the world as it is today.

5. Pangu

In Chinese Daoist mythology, Pangu was the first man who came out of chaos with two horns, two tusks, and a hairy body. He separated the seas, put the mountains in their place, and gave the Earth its form using a powerful knowledge of yingyang.

6. Proto-Indo-European Creation Story

In this myth, a primordial being is sacrificed, killed, and dismembered. Its body parts are used to create the universe. This being’s name is different in all societies. For instance, in Old Norse myth, this being is called Ymir.

7. Cherokee Creation Story

For the Cherokee, the Earth was a mere island floating in a big ocean. It hung from four cords and the sky formed the ground, but the darkness made it impossible for the animals to see, so the sun appeared to help them find their way. There were seven days and seven nights and God instructed the animals to stay awake. Some still fell asleep, but those who stayed awake, God gave the ability to see in the dark.

8. Raven Creation Story

For many cultures, a raven plays a big part in creation. In the beginning, there was no moon or stars at night, and the Raven was the most powerful being. He made all the living creatures on the Earth, including man, but they lived in darkness. The Raven learned a great chief had a daughter who carried the sun, moon, and stars in cedar boxes, so the Raven went and stole all of them, giving them to the world.

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9. Völuspá

This narrative is a Norse myth compressing all of Earth’s history and future into 60 poetic stanzas. In it, Odin requests the seeress Völva to share her prophecies with mankind. She tells the story of creation when the world was a mere gap before Odin and other gods created Midgard and named Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Eve. Eventually, the first war between Aesir and Vanir ended with the Vanir becoming gods which resembled the enduring conflict before the end of the world, called Ragnarok.

10/ Kumulipo

A Hawaiian creation account very similar to Rangi and Papa, the Kumulipo is a chant which told of how the earth first became hot, and land came from the slime of the sea. A dark cavern, a male, and a moonless night, a female, gave birth to the life of the sea. Afterward, flying creatures were born and soon after that, the creatures of the land. Finally, from the union of La’ila’i with Ki’i and Kane came humanity, and it was day.

11. Jainism

The Jains have a much different take on the creation of the universe than many cultures in that it never happened. Essentially, within Jainism, nothing in this world is ever created or destroyed. They merely change forms. The universe has always existed and will always exist. Time for the Jains is cyclical.

12. Genesis Creation Story

Perhaps one of the most famous creation stories, in the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible, the Book of Genesis depicts that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The Earth was formless and the spirit of God hovered over the water. He said, “Let there be light,” and light appeared. He created all things, including human beings, in six days and then rested on the seventh day, which He made a special day.

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13. Cheonjiwang Bonpuli

Frequently retold by shamans in Korea, this myth begins with the sky and earth being one, creating an empty void. A clear drop of dew fell from the sky and a dark drop of dew came out of the earth and when they mixed, it created everything on earth except the sun, moon, and stars. Cheonjiwang, the King of Heaven and Earth, woke to the sound of three roosters. He knew they were crowing because there were no suns, so he created two suns and two moons.

14. Navajo Creation Story

In this myth, the first world was small, pitch black, and surrounded by four seas with one island that had a single pine tree. The four seas were ruled by the Big Water Creature, the Blue Heron, the Frog, and White Thunder. Above the seas were a black cloud, white cloud, blue cloud, and yellow cloud. When the blue and yellow clouds came together, the first woman appeared, while the black and white clouds created the first man. They lived together and later were greeted by The Great Coyote who was formed in water. He said he knew all of the secrets of the water and skies. Then, a second coyote came named First Angry, and he brought witchcraft into the world.

15. Unkulunkulu

The pre-colonial, ancient Zulus believed that before animals or humans existed, only darkness and one large seed were on the earth. The seed sank into the earth and formed long reeds, called Uthlanga. One reed grew into Unkulunkulu, the first man and creator of all things. As more things, like men and women and animals, began to grow on the reeds, Unkulunkulu broke them off and he created the streams, mountains, lakes and valleys. He taught men and women how to hunt, make fire, and create clothes.

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